Thursday, 3 August 2017

Dances for Schools
What an amazing two weeks we've had!
Big thanks to Dean, Mark and Jack for coming in and teaching us hip hop, the bus stop and the tango.
It's been great to see the children's confidence grow and the performance today was so much fun.
If you want to practise the dances at home, the music is:
Hip Hop: Classic - MTKO
Bus Stop: September - Earth Wind and Fire
Tango: Sugar - Maroon 5


Watch out Dancing With The Stars 2037!!

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Gala Art

Gala Art 

(a post that wasn't published from earlier in the year!!)

The children worked hard on their collaborative art piece for the gala.

Thursday, 29 June 2017


Today, Eden's Nana, Sita came into our class and taught us to weave.
It was so much fun.

We had to sit in a circle and think, problem solve, be very paitent and never give up. We followed a pattern - over, under, over under.

It was tricky but ....

Didn't we do well?

Thank-you so much Sita for coming in and teaching us today!!

Mandarin Celebrations

To celebrate our Mandarin learning we combined with Room 9 to introduce ourselves to each other, learn how to use chopsticks, try Chinese paper cutting and play some traditional Chinese games. It was a lot of fun! Everyone wore red or a Chinese costume.

Bubble Trouble!

Science in a Van Visits VAS

On Tuesday Alan and Emily from Science in a Van came to school.
The Junior School loved their presentation all about bubbles.

Come in and read the children's bubble recounts next week!

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Autumn Days

Autumn is nearly finished, we had fun playing in the leaves, and writing poems about Autumn.

Munching apples
Leaves floating down
Pears crunching, apples yummy
Yellow, orange, red
Chilly days

By Bill

Crunching apples
Brown, red, golden
Swirling, swaying, twirling, floating
Jump in leaves
Chilly crackle

By Clemmie

Leaves sway
Down, down, down
Red, gold, brown, yellow
Glowing sunlight
Crunching apples

By Vita

Leaves falling
Munching on apples
Kids jumping in leaves
Orange, brown, yellow
Crunchy pears

By James

Friday, 12 May 2017

Reading with our Buddies in 

Room 5

We love spending time with our buddies. We read to them and they read to us!