Sunday, 12 November 2017

Room 10's Plays Over the last couple of weeks we have been learning to speak with expression and work cooperatively in a group. Mrs Orange thought that working together to put a play on would be a good idea. Here's the end result ... Hope you enjoy them all!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Howick Historical Village Trip

Howick Historical Village

We had a great day exploring the Howick Historical Village, learning all about life in the 1850's.
We enjoyed playing with all the different toys and games, going into the school house and writing on the slate, looking through all the different houses and shops.

In the school:

Outdoor Games:


Inside Games:


Monday, 25 September 2017


Staying Heatlhy and Smoothie Making with Sarah

Team 10 have been very lucky this week.
On Monday, Issy's mum Sarah popped in to talk to us about staying healthy.
We learnt we need to:
☝ Eat real food
☝ Drink plenty of water
☝ Get lots of sleep
☝ Exercise as much as possible
☝ Laugh, dance and have fun with your friends and family

On Tuesday, Sarah came back, this time with Victoria and lots of healthy ingrediants and we made 4 different types of smoothies:
😀 Berry Bash
😀 Green Monster
😀 Orange Blast
😀 Blueberry Bliss

We had so much fun making them and tasting them.





The best part was the blind tasing!

Alexander was the champion.

We had a great time making the smoothies, trying new flavours and we are getting very excited about sharing the smoothie recipes with our families over the holidays.


Big thanks to Sarah and Victoria for all their amazing help.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Junior Assembly Week 9 Term 3

Today, Team 10 ran the Junior School Assembly.

Kelan and Sophie were the announcers with Lucy and Fin also reporting about our Inquiry learning this term.

Here were are on the stage sharing our art:

... and here were dacing our  hip hop dance "Classic"

Great job Team 10
You're Classic!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

VAS Art Exhibition - Koru


Room 10’s focus has been the artwork of Hawke’s Bay artist Raewyn Harris. Raewyn’s koru art, has been the inspiration for our ink and pastel art. The koru’s well known spiral, representing the unfolding of new life and a national symbol of New Zealand, is a feature in the children’s work.


We studied korus in nature and practised drawing them. We then moved onto a smaller sample, thinking about spacing, size, position and the use of warm and cool colours. We used sharpies and pastels.

Now to the Main Event!
Using a larger circle, we thought about how we could improve on our first design. We thought about the size of the koru, its position, and colours. This time we could choose one koru to colour silver - cool colours and gold - warm colours, to add to our design.

End Result:
All children completed a stunning koru in warm or cool colours. The pictures were displayed in the hall, ready for the Art Exhibition.

Great job everyone! You should be very proud of your work!